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I’m Susan, a certified nutritionist and psychology counsellor.

Susan Cachay

If you’re considering Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, Mineral-Nutritional Balancing, general nutrition, and/or counselling, you’re in the right place!

I use the accuracy of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and the personalized approach of Mineral-Nutritional Balancing to help clients turn their health around.

I’m a skilled and compassionate guide who helps you remember that you know what’s best for yourself as you take steps toward improved health and vitality.

This is the vision I hold for you:

    • You’re no longer overly focused on what your body is doing—you’re fully experiencing the things that matter to you.
    • You trust in your physical, mental, and emotional health and know that they are your greatest assets.
    • You’re empowered with practical ways to understand and improve your health.

Health is an expression of energy and with that comes vitality—a feeling of aliveness—physical, mental and emotional.


Susan Cachay

A New Chapter at Susan Cachay HTMA Success!

Dear Valued Clients and Visitors,

I’m excited to share some important news about the evolution of my practice!  

While continuing to offer the personalized care and guidance you’ve come to trust, I am shifting my focus towards empowering other practitioners through specialized courses and coaching in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) and Mineral-Nutritional Balancing.

This shift means gradually reducing the volume of new clients I’ll take on. However, I assure you this will not impact the quality of care and attention given to all my existing and future clients. My commitment to your health and well-being remains unwavering.

This transition presents an exciting opportunity for practitioners aspiring to enhance their skills in HTMA and Mineral-Nutritional Balancing. 

As I move towards educating and mentoring other professionals, I will refer clients beyond my capacity to these trained and competent graduates. This ensures continuous, high-quality care for those seeking help in their health journeys.

Thank you for your ongoing trust and support. I look forward to this new phase of professional growth and the continued journey toward optimal health and vitality.

Warm regards,

– Susan

What brought you here?

These are some of the most common concerns people have when we begin working together:

  • burnout/fatigue
  • difficulties with digestion
  • eczema or dermatitis
  • multiple chemical sensitivities
  • food allergies & sensitivities
  • weight issues
  • emotional relationship with food
  • body image
  • hormonal imbalances
  • brain fog
  • PMS
  • menopausal symtoms
  • depression & anxiety
  • chronic or acute illness
  • thyroid or adrenal gland issues
  • adverse reaction to medication
  • relationship challenges

  • addictions
  • lack of self confidence
  • self-defeating thoughts & behaviours
  • boundaries
  • visual snow
  • copper toxicity
  • mercury toxicity

I Can Help!

Whether you’re trying to recover from burnout or just don’t feel that your energy levels are what they used to be, Mineral-Nutritional Balancing can be the roadmap back to feeling like yourself again!

I focus on 4 key strategies to co-create a Personalized Active Care Plan with you that is specific to your bodymind. ‘Bodymind’ represents the understanding that our body and mind aren’t separate.

Removing interference

This can be foods, thoughts, products, supplements and habits that are incompatible with your bodymind.

Bodymind Balance

Adding foods, habits, thoughts, products and supplements that are compatible with your bodymind so it can function as it’s meant to—with ease (not struggling just to make it through the day).

This means that you’re living life without being overly focused on what your bodymind is doing so you can fully experience the things that matter to you.

Mineral-Nutritional Balancing

A personalized mineral balancing program improves the energy-producing mechanisms of the body. Energy then becomes available for healing, regeneration, detoxification and all other activities.

Balancing body chemistry and keeping it balanced through periodic Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis retesting is the key to raising energy levels, increasing overall vitality, and strengthening and restoring the bodymind. When this is done most health conditions improve on their own.

Counselling & Core Beliefs Work

Combining nutrition and counselling allows the bodymind to become more physically and emotionally resilient. Your emotional life is reflected in your minerals. Your mineral balance is reflected in your emotional life as well as your ability to give love and maintain healthy relationships. Emotions change minerals and minerals change emotions.

My Personalized Approach

I’m a problem solver. I help you get to the root of your concerns with a goal of resolving them without the use of pharmaceuticals. I listen to what you say and ask relevant questions. We’ll explore the range of underlying causes contributing to your symptoms. I want you to feel reassured that your concerns have been understood.

A Holistic Approach

I believe your physical AND mental and emotional health are your greatest assets. I blend nutrition with psychology counselling because together they’re more thorough and effective than either one alone.Learn more about my approach to being a nutritionally-informed counsellor.

Get to the Root Cause

I focus on whole-system healing because it heals at a deep level. I don’t ignore symptoms or specific concerns (in fact, they’re often the starting place), but I always see the whole person. This means we can get to the root cause instead of only treating symptoms. Find out more about whole-system healing.

accurate analysis

I value accuracy so I use Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, a screening test that shows the levels of 15 minerals and 6 toxic metals, and gives a picture of how different systems are doing.

Read more about Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.

working together

No more doing this alone. I’ll guide you through your Personalized Active Care Plan and you’ll have practical ways to understand and improve your health. You’ll get back to feeling more like yourself (or maybe feeling better than you ever have).

Personalized Just For You

I make recommendations that are personalized and tailored (not cookie-cutter, not one-size-fits-all). Just because a particular program works for others, it might not be the right fit for you.

I’ve Been In Your Shoes

I know what you’re going though because I’ve been there! I’ve also experienced the hopelessness of waking up every day with health problems that no one could ‘fix’.

Here’s How We Can Work Together

Health History & Symptom Review

Get started on your health journey

Your Personalized Active Care Plan

Continue on your path to vitality


Be supported in achieving your goals

Counselling & Support

Release and move forward to a vibrant life


Do you offer virtual appointments?

Yes. I work with clients around the globe by email, Skype, Zoom, and phone.

What’s your approach to being a nutritionally-informed counsellor?

I agree with Dr. Paul Eck (founder of Mineral-Nutritional Balancing) that combining counselling with nutrition is more effective and complete than either one alone. I’m a nutritionist with a Master’s in Psychology Counselling.

Mental and emotional health symptoms result from a variety of causes. Along with addressing foods and other things that can interfere with your bodymind being at its best, I also consider difficult and traumatic life experiences, and bring attention to these areas in a way that is safe and supportive for you.

Read more about how I can support you as a nutritionally-informed counsellor and check out Dr. Eck’s perspective on this topic.

Why do you use Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis?

The Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis I work with is a screening test that shows the levels of 15 minerals and 6 toxic metals, and gives a picture of how different systems are doing.

Minerals (such as magnesium and zinc) are sometimes called the ‘spark plugs’ of the body. That’s because they are needed by millions of enzymes as co-factors, facilitators, inhibitors and as part of the enzymes themselves.

Certain metals (such as aluminum and mercury) are considered toxic because they can be irritating, especially at higher concentrations.

When we look at common physical, mental and emotional health conditions through the lens of mineral imbalances and the presence of toxic metals, we have a better understanding of the causes and more importantly, how to heal.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is non-invasive, relatively inexpensive and extremely accurate.

I will suggest other tests (OATS, blood tests, cortisol testing, stool testing) when I think they might be useful.

For a deeper dive read my post on Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.

I think I might have reactions to histamine, oxalate, salicylate and/or nickel. Are you aware of these issues?
I feel your pain! I’ve had most of these issues myself so I know how to take them into consideration when designing the recommendations for your personalized active care plan.

When your digestive system and overall health improve, these concerns often subside. Learn about my experience by reading My Story.

What lab do you use for the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test?
Analytical Research Labs in Arizona, USA
What’s your approach to the Mineral-Nutritional Balancing program?
In addition to your Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis results, I take into consideration your sensitivities to foods, supplements, and detoxification protocols. With this in mind, I make recommendations that are supportive and respectful of your unique bodymind and health goals.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that most people move to a place of improved health and vitality more easily when the bodymind is supported in a way that is right for them. Being too aggressive with supplements and detoxification can hinder, rather than enhance, healing. For example, speeding up detoxification to the point where your liver, kidneys, bowel can’t clear out metals and toxins effectively will only result in them being redistributed back into the tissues.

The goal is to increase vitality and feeling good as quickly as possible but also to minimize the risk of overloading the body.

Will I need to take supplements?
Key supplements are often helpful, especially at the beginning of the healing process, in order to encourage the body chemistry to shift in a certain direction. That is part of how the body moves to a place of increased energy and vitality.

Supplement recommendations are based on the results of the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis along with your health challenges and goals. You always have the final say in what you take, and we can put together a supplement plan that you are comfortable with and works well for you.

If you prefer to work with me on nutrition or counselling without supplement recommendations, that is also fine.

Is this going to be another overly restrictive eating plan?
No. My goal is to develop a plan with you that works well, includes a lot of variety and is sustainable.

If there are foods that you’re not able to tolerate at an early stage in your health journey, this will change as your overall bodymind increases in vitality and resiliency on the program.


Susan has been my counsellor since 2016 when I had extreme relationship issues with a toxic partner. She helped me get out of that situation and helped me rebuild my confidence and learn to love who I am.

Since then she has counselled me on additional relationship issues, family issues, health issues, career issues. Everything and anything really.

She is incredibly intelligent and so knowledgeable combined with empathy and compassion. She is able to assist in creating solutions that truly work for the individual.

Additionally one of the most important things for me is that I feel safe with a counsellor and Susan always ensures that I feel safe with her. I’ve been going to her for counselling for almost 4 years and she’s helped me change my life around in such incredible and positive ways. She’s truly amazing!

– Diane B. Vancouver, BC

I’ve been working with Susan for 5 years, and have seen my body transform so much in that time. When I started working with her, I had a classic case of adrenal fatigue / burnout. I had a lot of health information, but didn’t know how to use it to feel better. Instead of just giving recommendations, Susan helps me understand what’s happening in my body and why. She has guided me to the point where I now understand how to maintain my health. If you’re looking for a partner in your health journey, I’m confident Susan can help!

– Alex Y. New York, USA

I have worked with Susan for the last 5 years. Since following her specific recommendations for me, I have been able to get off of my cholesterol medication and my blood pressure is back into the normal range as well as losing 20 lbs that had crept up over the years!

I have found Susan to be always quick in responding to messages and supporting me when I have had any concerns. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for help improving their overall health.

– John V. New Brunswick, Canada

I have been following the nutritional balancing program for the last four years, three of those years with Susan. Susan’s specific recommendations were instrumental in improving my health and the symptoms that I was having.

Initially working with someone else for the first year, I was not doing well with the program. Susan tweaked things for me based on what my own body needed rather than just following a “cookie cutter” approach. Susan really listens, actually heard what I was saying and adjusted my program accordingly for which I will be forever grateful. Since that time I have made significant gains in my health and well being.

– Jennifer M. Portland, Oregon

Susan was able to individualize my program based on my sensitivities to oxalates and salicylates, which most practitioners are not even aware of.

I am so sensitive that there were many parts of the basic nutritional program that I was just not capable of doing. Instead of pushing me, Susan was able to meet me where I was at and supported me in slowly progressing at my own pace.

I’m still dealing with many sensitivities but with her focus on my gut issues, everything has significantly improved since I first started with her. There is no quick fix but this is the first time that I’ve seen steady, long lasting improvements in the issues that I have been dealing with.

– Angie D. L.A., California

After working with a different health coach for 4 years, there was a big improvement when I started working with Susan. I had been struggling, not knowing what was wrong and not feeling like I was being listened to.

Susan made some dietary recommendations that helped me significantly! I needed more healthy carbohydrates in my diet because without those my thyroid function was really starting to suffer. That made a big difference and it was such an important change for me.

– Scott K. Orlando, Florida

I have been doing counselling work with Susan for the last two years focussing on body dysmorphia and disordered eating issues.

What Susan helped me discover is that most of my disordered eating was due to food sensitivities. Eliminating those has almost totally regulated my eating patterns and relationship with food (which in turn also helped the body dysmorphia). I have seen a couple of the top psychologists in my city for this issue and no one had been able to help me this much because they did not have the nutrition knowledge and background like Susan does.

I feel like a different person! I’m not obsessed with food anymore and for the first time since I hit puberty, I feel like I have a normal relationship with food and my body.

– Wendy D. Kelowna, BC

I started working with Susan a few months ago after being referred by a friend. I had persistent eczema/dermatitis for a number of years that no one was able to help me with. The only thing that worked was steroid creams which caused other side effects for me.

After just one visit with Susan, she identified the trigger for me and it was only a couple of months before my skin was totally clear without any steroid creams!! This is the first time ever for me!! I am also starting to see even greater improvements in my health.

– Colby G. Houston, Texas

Although weight loss was not my main goal in starting to work with Susan, I ended up effortlessly losing the 15 pounds I had been carrying around for a while that I couldn’t get to budge! I have people telling me that I look much younger and ask what I’m doing! I’ll be 65 this year and I haven’t felt this good in the last 20 years! Susan identified oxalates as being a possible issue for me, and reducing those foods in my diet made such a difference in the joint pain I was having that I’m back to doing my walking and exercising.

I am so grateful and can’t thank Susan enough! My husband is also now starting to work with Susan since he has seen first hand the positive difference in me.

– Olga B. Toronto, Ontario

Thank you for everything. I might not be much of a talkative or express-full person, but I have really learned so much from you. Not only about NB, but many other things. Dealing with clients, making them feel at ease, being human and showing care…etc. Some people show up in our lives and disappear without any effect, others leave their wonderful mark on us, as you did.

Nouf A. Saudi Arabia

I am feeling much improved energy-wise these days. It’s a lot to fit into my daily routine, and I’m committed to staying on track. The rebounder is my least favourite; however, I do use it and will focus on being more consistent.

I feel more energized, alive, optimistic and playful. A friend commented that I seem more “free”. No more sciatica-type pain in right pelvis area. The liver area is more comfortable and I no longer have itchy skin in that area.

– client

I want you to know that you stand out from almost all of the practitioners that I have worked with. Thank you for not giving up on me and always being so responsive and helpful.