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Some people are so scarred by traumatic happenings in their past that they are afraid to love and afraid to accept love. Some men and women have been so dominated by their parents that they do not even know their own thoughts. Some women and men have been through horrible episodes of physical abuse.

Can people who have been so bruised by life completely overcome their past? Or will they always be to some degree inhibited from giving themselves to love?

Understanding the emotional scar.

Before we can answer those questions, we have to look at what we mean by an emotional scar, and by scars in general. What is a scar anyway?

A scar, whether emotional or physical, is a sign of incomplete healing. Nature does not form scar tissue when all the necessary elements are present for the regeneration of the damaged tissues. Even after scar tissue has formed, healing commences as soon as the necessary elements are supplied.

Dr. Eck had people who had bad physical scars for over 15 years. When he balanced their minerals, their scars receded and dissolved.

So if a physical scar represents an attempt to heal – an incomplete attempt, what then is an emotional scar? It is the same thing.

An emotional scar is a past experience that has not yet been handled. It could have happened a year ago. It could have happened 25 years ago. It does not matter. An emotional scar is an experience that has not yet been completely resolved. As soon as you have learned whatever it is you were supposed to learn from that experience, its power to bind you has ended. The burden is released.

All experiences in life are meant to teach you. An emotional scar is just an experience that you have not yet learned from.

But why can’t people overcome traumatic events? One answer is that their mineral pattern was not strong at the time of the event. When you have a balanced mineral pattern, you are more stable. It does not mean that you won’t cry over something. It does not mean that you won’t feel temporarily devastated.

But when your biochemistry is stable, you will recover. You will be able to see the experience – whatever it was – as another lesson in life. And you will be stronger because of it.

How nutritional balancing can help you overcome traumatic experiences in your past.

What happens when the mineral pattern is not stable? What happens when the emotional shock is greater than the power of the body to absorb the shock? In these cases, the emotional shock causes a semi-permanent distortion of the minerals. The shock is, in effect, “burned into” the chemistry of the body.

What has happened is that the natural elasticity of the body chemistry has been stretched beyond its ability to repair itself. Thus the event leaves a permanent impact.

This is why psychotherapy and counselling rarely help someone to completely overcome an emotional scar. Talking helps because everyone feels better when they are understood. But talking is not powerful enough to correct severe mineral distortions. They will stay the rest of your life unless you can break the mineral pattern that is keeping you emotionally chained.

Nutritional balancing and psychological counselling should be used together.

The best way to correct mineral distortions is to work on them directly, through minerals. This is what nutritional balancing does. As the imbalances are corrected, the person gains the physical and mental strength he or she needs – to face the problem they have not yet solved.

This does not mean that counselling should be replaced by nutritional balancing. Nothing can ever replace having another person to talk to. What should be done is that nutritional balancing and psychotherapy should be used together.

When this is done, no one should feel that they have been too bruised to ever love again. Remember that there are people who go through brutal experiences and return to emotional health. Others run into a problem a fraction as bad and end up in a mental asylum.

The people who can handle trauma are more physically stable. This tends to make them more emotionally stable. The ones who cannot handle trauma are less physically stable. When physical instability is corrected, a person can then build his life on a platform that won’t break when the inevitable emotional thunderstorms roll on through.

Remember this one final thought: Emotions change minerals and minerals change emotions. Your emotional life is reflected in your minerals, just like moonlight is reflected on the surface of a lake.

It also works in reverse. Your mineral balance will be reflected in your emotional life, and in your ability to give love.

By rebalancing your biochemistry, you are cleansing yourself of emotional scars. You are leaving yourself free. The past will no more be your master. You will be free to give and receive all the love you can handle.

from Energy: How it affects your emotions, your level of achievement, and your entire personal well-being. An interview with Dr. Paul Eck by Colin and Loren Chatsworth. Reprinted by permission.

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