Knee to Chest Pose

Knee to Chest Pose, also known as Wind-Relieving Pose, is a reclining position that anyone can practice to experience relief in their abdominal region, hip girdle, and lower back. While hugging the knees toward the chest, one can improve flexibility, stretch the muscles along the spine, release hip tension, and relieve lower back pain. The posture can also help other functions related to your belly: reduces abdominal discomfort, enhances digestion and nutrient absorption, and can improve metabolism. 

How to perform this exercise 

Version A 

Start by lying on your back and hug your right knee toward your chest. Interlace your fingers just below your knee. Keep your left leg extended on the floor. (Flex your left foot initially to fully straighten and align your left leg. Then you can relax it once you are in position.) 

Be aware of the alignment for this position to experience the full benefit. Once you have drawn your right knee toward your chest, shift it slightly to your right so it is more in line with your hip. (Your knee will point toward your shoulder.) From here, the pressure is a downward motion toward the floor. Be sure that both shoulders and hips remain planted into the ground. Hold for at least 30 seconds, then perform the pose on the other side. 

knee to chest poseVersion B 

You can also practice this reclining position by holding both knees toward your chest. As you are able, wrap your arms around your knees until you can hold opposite elbows. Continue to lie as flat as you can on the floor. Hold the position for at least 30 seconds. When you are complete, extend your legs onto the ground with your arms by your side. Relax in this neutral position for about a minute so the body can re-align after your exercise. 

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