Energy: Na/K Ratio

Why are so many individuals unable to relax and enjoy themselves, and feel fearful and inhibited? Why do so many individuals find it impossible to “let go” and express true emotions? The answer to these questions has to do with mineral imbalances in the body.

The quickest way to tell from a mineral chart if a person is fearful and inhibited is to look at his sodium to potassium ratio (Na/K).

If a person has a sodium to potassium ratio of less than 2, it can prevent him from being himself.

Two mineral imbalances which can reduce your personal enjoyment.

1. Sodium to potassium ratio of less than 2 = inhibitions. 

2. Sodium to potassium ratio of more than 6 = emotional aggressiveness. 

You may wonder, “What does this particular mineral ratio have to do with emotional happiness?” Here is the answer: There are two hormones in the body which control a person’s state of fear. These hormones are noradrenalin and adrenalin and they are both produced by the adrenal glands.

Full personal enjoyment comes from a balance of two hormones, adrenalin and noradrenalin.

An excess of noradrenalin puts a person on the offensive. It makes him excessively aggressive. You could see how this could prevent a person from expressing warmth and tenderness.

On the other hand, excessive adrenalin makes one excessively defensive. This would make a person inhibited and afraid to be himself. How could anyone in this state of mind let go and spontaneously enjoy himself?

Normally, there should be a perfect balance between these two hormones. This balance is represented by the sodium to potassium ratio. Sodium represents noradrenalin (aggressiveness). Potassium represents adrenalin (defensiveness-fear).

How the sodium/potassium ratio affects your ability to be yourself.

When these two minerals, sodium and potassium, are in a balanced ratio of 2.5 to 1, an individual will be neither abnormally aggressive nor defensive. However, whenever these two minerals become unbalanced, either the aggressiveness or the fearfulness will dominate and personal enjoyment will suffer.

The persons who are the most emotionally inhibited will have a low level of sodium (aggressiveness) and a proportionately higher level of potassium (fear). This is why people with a sodium to potassium ratio of less than 2.00 live in a chronic state of fear. They are always on the defensive.

The Fear formula.

fear formula

People with a low sodium to potassium ratio are so fearful all the time that they can never fully express their emotions. They are always inhibited. They can never let their feelings flow. These people are generally outwardly lacking in emotions while inwardly they may have warm and loving thoughts and feelings.

When a person is fearful and inhibited and unable to express his full emotions, don’t look down on him and condemn him. If you had the same mineral ratios that he did, you would be the same way.

Anyone with a high or low level of copper, iron, zinc, or manganese will have the same problems we just mentioned. Also, many people will not show a poor sodium to potassium ratio until their second or third hair test. Their true fearful condition may be masked.

from Energy: How it affects your emotions, your level of achievement, and your entire personal well-being. An interview with Dr. Paul Eck by Colin and Loren Chatsworth. Reprinted by permission.

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